Our Approach

Cascadia Business Development is a strategic operations consulting firm committed to creating lean, conscious growth through operational excellence. Our specialty is in working with businesses that are experiencing growth challenges due to working with insufficient systems.

It has been our observation that while many businesses begin with a great idea, a handful of passionate, capable employees and early business success, most businesses hit a point in their growth where breakdown starts to occur.

Customer satisfaction dips, employees become less engaged, and business owners find themselves struggling to continue producing the same or better quality and quantity of results.

Our work addresses these inevitable issues and evaluates your business in terms of the underlying overall organizational health necessary for lean, conscious growth. Specifically we examine:

  • The degree to which you are delivering on your promises, both internally and externally.
  • How well you understand and track operational strengths and weakness.
  • The extent to which you know your financial numbers and manage your KPIs.
  • The extent to which you are training your entire team to contribute to your vision.
  • Your ability to stay connected as a team to your core mission, as opposed to allowing the creation of individual silos, which do not serve the greater good.

We work with our clients to create and customize lean 90-day success plans that shore up operational shortcomings and ensure that team members are working toward a unified vision with clearly defined tasks and in direct alignment with strategic initiatives.

In short we guide our clients into taking the right actions, at the right time, for the right reasons. We quickly bring companies into proper operational alignment — turning businesses with growing pains around in months ­– rather than years.