Our Commitment

Our Commitment

At Cascadia we are passionate experts in business development and believe these companies are the true cornerstone of future success for our nation’s economy.

Our core mission is to support business success, complimenting education with focused action. All of our advisory, training and software products are distinguished by the following four underlying principles:


We are advocates for eliminating disorganization and functional misalignment by focusing on conscious growth.

Advocacy At A Glance: Our P5 Methodology is designed to systematically reveal the functional areas causing operational disconnect, production inefficiencies, resource and opportunity waste, or performance deficiencies.

Insistent Implementation

We quickly and soundly guide our clients into real action through consistent accountability.

Insistent Implementation At A Glance: Not being prepared for any activity costs you and your organization time, resources and money. The key to accountability is our customized PrepPoint process. PrepPoints are designed with a single purpose, to keep all parties on-notice of critical next steps and strategic initiatives on-track.

Thorough Understanding

We know that productivity and profitability often resides below the surface. We also know that gaining a thorough understanding of each role within your organization, and more importantly determining how the each role aligns to your growth goals, is critical.

Through Understanding At A Glance: We believe in answering the question, “What cha doin?” To gain thorough understanding of true operational flow, our team conducts desk audits throughout the organization. This process allows the business owner and our team to determine if proper alignment exists between role, responsibilities and desired outcomes.

Continuous Improvement

We understand that all things in nature work in cycles, business is no different. The path to achieving meaningful change takes time and resources. Learning to operate in a state of continuous improvement is the first step.

Continuous Improvement At A Glance: Our 90-Day Success Cycles provide a reliable structure to manage growth and development S.M.A.R.T. cycles.