What Our Clients Are Saying
Our Real Estate Brokerage had all the components to be successful, but we needed help organizing, structuring, and planning as we launched into our first year in business as a Boutique Agency. Thanks to Cascadia we got the help we needed. During our one day workshop with Cascadia we gained new perspective and created an intentionality that wasn’t there previously. With their guidance we have implemented systems that continue to drive our actions and goals toward our defined success. We are thankful for our time with Cascadia Business Development and we look forward to their continued support and encouragement as we grow.
Cassie P.

Real Estate

I highly recommend working with Cascadia Business Development. They are extremely professional and knowledgeable about leadership, systems, processes (basically all the best business practices). They provided tremendous support to us in terms of research, organizational templates, marketing plans and connecting us with key people for a grant proposal. Also, everyone at Cascadia Business Development really cares about your success and they often send me links to resources or articles that I find helpful. In many ways, it’s like having a cheering squad for your business success.
Anita G.

Technology & Coding

The staff at Cascadia Business Development are incredibly knowledgeable, talented and inspirational. We use their services for strategic planning for our organization, and they do exceptional work in pre-planning, facilitation, and post-event strategies. They have robust experience in planning, budgeting, communications, marketing, human resource management and more. We highly recommend Cascadia. You won’t be disappointed!
Linda M.

Community Non-Profit

Colleen is exceptional at identifying the challenges that are impeding the progress of your business. She has a extensive track record of success in the areas of marketing, operations, HR, finance, and leadership with both profit, and not-for-profit businesses. If you are a C Level leader in an organization and want to hyper grow your business, contact Colleen Rudio. Colleen will accelerate your path to success.
James C.

Small Business/Entrepreneurship

Colleen Rudio is a marvel. You and your business will benefit from her knowledge, enthusiasm and personality.

She has the ability to pull together diverse populations and agendas and make it all work. The neat thing is that everyone thinks they have won!

Hire Colleen today. You will be glad you did.

Judy W.


Colleen Rudio is a smart business woman and someone I’ve respected for years. She continues to push the envelope and use her strategic thinking to bring about new ideas for growth, profitability and marketing initiatives. She is a true change agent and her insight and creativity elevates anything she touches to a higher level and makes her an easy “go to” person when you need the right solution.
Dawn W.

Professional Services, Marketing & Sales

Colleen is amazing at assisting companies (new or existing) at focusing on their product/service and creating the best business plan, including marketing and financials, to move the companies forward in a successful manor. She is straight-forward, dedicated, and passionate about what she does which makes her a great asset to any company!
Christine J.

Small Business Owner

Cascadia provides a variety of services that are useful to small business, for which it is impractical for the small business to staff for. Training, marketing, strategy development, resource planning, and management consulting are just a few that we have had success with.
Aaron K.


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